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2014-10-29 | Attention: 5164


Hefei swan lake hotel is located at the heart of cultural district in hefei, scenery beautiful swan lake with its unique geographical environment, stroll courtyard, the air was filled with the smell of grass and water, the hustle and bustle of downtown. 

Hefei swan lake hotel, luxurious and elegant decoration, all kinds of form a complete set of entertainment facilities. All rooms and public areas are equipped with the environmental protection facilities, central air conditioning air purifier, and is equipped with advanced car elevator, and simultaneous translation, high-definition projection and other advanced facilities. 


Hefei binhu new area is "141" is an important part of urban space development strategy (" a main four vice center, a binhu new area), is in the forefront of modern lakeside city construction. Binhu new area is located in the southeast of hefei city, south in chaohu lake, north to the south second ring road, west joint highway, east of nanfeihe river, planning a total land area of 196 square kilometers, is the future through the chaohu lake, hefei into the Yangtze river, water portal into the Yangtze river delta. 

Good natural landscape in hefei binhu new area, water is more, the specific scope for south in chaohu lake, north of bicyclic south road, west to send river and high-speed, Ann nanfeihe river in the east, planning a total land area of 190 square kilometers, 312 state road, north of () in the northern part of the planning area of 27 square kilometers; Central south of 312 national highway to 10 the wulihe (area) planning area of about 80 square kilometers; 10 the wulihe to chaohu lake shore (south area) planning area of about 83 square kilometers. In accordance with the requirements of overall urban planning, the issue of these areas in the southern area for 20 to 30 square kilometers. 

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