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The development of new building materials industry of China

2010-08-23 | Attention: 1043
"New building materials", referred to as "new building materials, is different from traditional brick and tile, gray sandstone, such as building materials building materials of new varieties, new building materials industry will be made a clear definition of the scope of the new building materials mainly include the new wall materials, new waterproof sealing materials, four new thermal insulation materials and decoration materials. 
China new building materials industry started in the 1970 s, the development in the mid - 1980 - s, and gradually mature. Since China's reform and opening up, China's rapid rise of new building materials industry, the rapid growth, new building materials from the type, quantity, or from the quality and function has made considerable progress. 
In recent years, China and promote energy-saving building wall materials innovation has made positive progress, in 2006, the new wall materials production reached 385 billion pieces of standard brick, accounting for 46% of the total wall materials, application scope expands unceasingly, the technical level has increased dramatically. The national energy-saving residential area of 1.1 billion square meters have been completed, the cumulative savings of more than 9600 ten thousand tce, saving land 1.8 million mu, 1.106 billion tons of comprehensive utilization of all kinds of industrial waste residue. 
A large growth in recent years, China's construction industry driven the rapid development of building waterproof materials industry, especially the new building waterproof materials have made substantial progress. In 2008, China reached 769 million square meters, all kinds of waterproof material production grew by 12.5% year on year. Among them, the new type waterproof material total of 599 million square meters, accounting for 77.9% of the total waterproof material. 
With glass wool, rock (ore) cotton as a representative of new thermal insulation materials also have rapid development over the years. New thermal insulation materials used in construction, greatly saves energy, contributing to the implementation of the sustainable development strategy. 
Building decoration decoration materials development is more remarkable, the production capacity and production increased dramatically, form a complete set of product quality, grade and level increased significantly, the scale of production and technical equipment is gradually moving closer to the international advanced level. China has become the world's giant in production, consumption and export of decorative materials. Materials main products not only in total for many years the world's first, and per capita consumption index is close to and above the world advanced level. 
In the past five years, new building materials production at an annual rate of more than 20% growth. From the national macroeconomic environment analysis, the next 20 years will continue to be a period of economic growth. According to the development of related industries, such as real estate, construction, building materials forecast and judgment, by 2020, China will also build 30 billion square meters of buildings, new building materials as building materials industry to adjust industrial structure and transformation of the mode of economic growth, strategic focus, has wide development prospects.