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What is a PVC profile

2013-10-28 | Attention: 1049
Use PVC material, mainly used in production: PVC CARDS; The PVC stick a card; PVC wire. PVC curtain; PVC plastic coated welded wire mesh; PVC foam board, PVC ceiling, PVC pipes, PVC play crural line, etc, and threading pipe, cable insulation, plastic doors and Windows, plastic bags, etc. In the field of our daily life everywhere to PVC products. PVC is used to make all kinds of imitation leather, used for luggage, sports products, such as basketball, football and rugby. Can also be used for making uniforms and special protection device of belt. PVC material is widely use, but also has the processing performance is good, low manufacturing cost, corrosion resistance, insulation and other good characteristics. 
PVC is made from PVC resin after adding various functional additives, after high temperature extrusion molding of industrial and household PVC products. According to the performance can be divided into two kinds of hard and soft. Rigid PVC profiles for more construction, such as production of PVC Windows and doors, PVC flooring, PVC pipes, etc.; Soft PVC is used for PVC hose, power transmission cable, etc. Added functional additives PVC has anti-aging, anti-uv, corrosion resistance, high strength, low price, can partly replace aluminum, steel, etc.