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The Windows installation problems and solutions

2013-10-28 | Attention: 1056
The installation of the doors and Windows in the family is decorated in a seemingly a simple job, but if the construction not only can produce a lot of problems. General common problems are: 
A, the door window frame integral rigidity is poor 
(a) phenomenon 
Push-pull opening and closing doors and Windows or windy weather, shaking door window frame. 
(2) the reason why 
Improper selection 1, profile cross section is small, not enough strength. In the prevention of aluminum alloy doors and Windows material does not conform to the requirements. Window of model steel door material quality is not qualified. 
2, window of model steel door lining steel configuration does not conform to the standards, (usually steel lining with a 1.20, but owners can't see because installation. A lot of businesses use unqualified for the owner to install) strength of steel thin wall, poor; Insert inside lining steel section, not form the overall strengthening effect; Lined with steel and plastic material connection not firm, etc. 
3, installation node has not stipulated in the specification. 
4, not according to the different wall using different methods of fixed. 
(3) measures 
1, door and window profile specification and quantity in accordance with national standards. The aluminum frame wall thickness shall not be less than 2.4 mm. Model steel window material thickness shall not be less than 2.5 mm. 
2, check the appearance of plastic material, qualified profiles should be bluish white or ivory white, clean and smooth. Good should have protective film quality. 
3, according to the door to the hole size, choice of installation height profile section, casement Windows is not less than 55 series, push-pull window not less than 75 series. 
4, installation, as stipulated in the specification strictly to ensure a solid. 
Second, the leakage of doors and Windows 
(a) phenomenon 
1, the door window frame and the wall around the joint leakage. 
2, push-pull window water accumulation in the slide groove, and infiltration within the window. 
(2) the reason why 
1, the door window frame and the wall with cement mortar joint. 
2, the door window frame and wall body between injecting lax, have crack. 
3, doors and Windows technology is unqualified, combination between window frame and window sash is lax. 
Article 4, casement seal installation is unqualified, water from seeping through the seam casement glass. 
5, no drain out of the window frame. 
(3) measures 
1, the door window frame and wall body sealing cement mortar shall not be used. Should be flexible connection, embedded fill with fluid sealant seal, there can be no gap. 
2, before the installation, check whether the door window is unqualified, whether the combination between window frame and window sash, casement seal installation is qualified. 
3, the hole in the window frame and left more than 50 mm clearance, and make the water slope windowsill can do. 
4, the casing outside the box and track the root should be to pass under the drain. 
Three, doors and Windows color difference is obvious 
(a) phenomenon 
Adjacent door or window frame and window color inconsistencies. 
(2) the reason why 
Material of the same factory goods, or the same product, or different material grades of products. 
(3) measures 
1, the profile should use the same manufacturer products of choose and buy, and a note. 
Prior to being 2, pay attention to ingredients color, avoid color of materials used in the same window