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Compared with the advantages of aluminum alloy doors and Windows of window of model steel door

2013-10-28 | Attention: 1046
Get the favour of many users of window of model steel door, especially of window of model steel door is widely used now some high-grade place, window of model steel door have what advantage? 
Moistureproof: due to the kitchen and toilet are often in wet condition, plastic door has obvious moistureproof property, composition is stable, anti-aging, deformation, the service life of 30 years; At this point, to easily affected by the rainy season in zhejiang region, the moistureproof function of the plastic door is particularly prominent. 
Environmental protection: plastic door because of non-toxic, no other harmful substances and conform to the requirements of environmental protection, is a new generation of environmentally friendly products. 
Fire: plastic door has met self-extinguishing fire, flame retardant, fire prevention performance. 
Sound insulation: toilet bowl of acoustic sound, shower, kitchen, cooking and lampblack machine motors, constitutes the noise source, the peace of interfere with the other rooms. Inside the plastic door with its unique grid or a lattice structure, combined with tight joints, especially the aluminium alloy door has better sound insulation effect. 
Corrosion resistance: aluminium alloy door are highly susceptible to erosion, acid, alkali, salt and exhaust gas to produce aluminium alloy door, oxidation and rust. But plastic door is not affected by any of these substances and, suitable for use in a variety of natural environment. Even if the dirt, can use any cleaner, easy to clean. 
And broken bridge color aluminum doors and Windows is by 1.4 mm or 1.4 mm above the wall thickness of cut into 45 degree Angle, corner with more than 3 mm, dedicated plug-in through the doors and Windows assembly of complete sets of equipment. Squeeze the positioning, and ordinary doors and Windows are made with ordinary Angle of about 1 mm aluminum rivets in connection, its strong safety degree is poor, but low cost. And assembled adults standing in color broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows move there will be no problem. Complete sets of equipment assembly out and assembled from artificial site operation on technical requirements. 
Broken bridge color aluminum doors and Windows must be made by aluminum factory specializing in the production cycle and its surface color processing professional technology, service life is permanent. 
Broken bridge color aluminum doors and Windows design pattern of the atmosphere, daylighting is connected fully, according to different space design. Sound insulation heat preservation effect is good