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The maintenance method of window of model steel door

2013-10-28 | Attention: 1020
To give full play to and use of the advantages of window of model steel door, extend the service life of window of model steel door, in use process, also should pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of window of model steel door: 
1, should be regularly to door window of dust cleaning, keep the doors and Windows and glass, metal pieces clean and bright. 
If the doors and Windows, something difficult to clean, such as pollution of the oily be soiled, can use a swab clean, bright, and the best do not use strong acid or alkali solution for cleaning, such not only easy to make profile surface finish is damaged, can also destroy the protective film on the surface of the metal pieces and oxide layer and cause the corrosion of metal pieces, especially when some customers with metope of sulfuric acid cleaning, must pay attention to don't let the door window is affected. 
3, should be timely clean up the inside of the box, granular sundry, lest its drainage channel blockage caused by poor drainage and slack phenomenon. 
4, when open the doors and Windows, strength wants moderate, try to keep opening and closing speed. 
5, avoid using hard object collisions doors and Windows or scratch material surface. 
6, was found in the doors and Windows in the process of using open is not flexible, or other abnormal situation, should be timely find the reason, if the customer can't rule out failure, can contact with doors and Windows manufacturers and suppliers, so that the fault can be ruled out in time. 
System of floor plate material will basically with formaldehyde to maintain its toughness and cohesive, but the formaldehyde belongs to the volatile gas, the higher the temperature, volatile will be the stronger. The summer is formaldehyde volatilizes most strong season, room temperature every 1 ℃, the place such as wooden furniture and floor from formaldehyde, the formaldehyde concentration will make the air rise 0.15 to 0.37 times. The floor of the popular on the market at present several concepts: quiet, environmental protection, with water instead of glue. At the same time of reducing formaldehyde composition, degree of floor of mute universal attention. At the time of installation, for some special floor materials, only need to add water to be able to achieve the purpose of solid adhesive floor. In addition, the particles and E0 floor on the market, is currently the world's most demanding environmental protection floor. 
Paint this year chun xia bright coating power, leading the coating market. Have sea travel, space, time and bright red water waves, constitutes a strong body. But in the summer such pollution "high-risk" stage, in addition to choose non-toxic and less toxic paint, must be to decorate the room ventilation and air purification. 
Due to high temperature, it's easy to have a film wrinkling and poor adhesion between the coating layer. Due to paint, thinners, less weather dry too fast, the paint easy there are air bubbles and pinhole, and accelerated aging. And more rain in summer, paint in a damp environment is very difficult to solidification, thus unfavorable to paint in a rainy day