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How to correctly identify the pros and cons of model steel profile

2014-04-22 | Attention: 1033
Identify and model steel profile, there are two points: 
One, to see whether the appearance: high quality profile shape size uniform, inner cavity structure is reasonable, colour and lustre downy, protective film on smooth, no bubbles, usually in 2 mm thickness extension part. 
Two, the anti-counterfeiting code: authentic model steel profile profile on anti-counterfeiting code, consisting of dot in 20 Arabic numerals, digital clear identification, no repeat, is not easy to erase. Inferior model steel profile printing digital fuzzy, easy to erase, and much repetition. See the profile of the packing (is the material on protective film is also a trademark) whether level off is smooth, with or without air bubbles, from one end to another head is on a straight line. Fake profiles of trademark is manually after the poster, there will be a lot of bubbles, and crooked, trademark quality also is very poor, look carefully to see. Tear the surface of the protective film to see profiles, well profile surface is very smooth, no uneven dots, brightness, color is really very white (like milk) in the section of wall thickness, good material master can reach more than 2 mm thickness, as well as profiles of toughness, can use pliers clamp profile wall, snapping back and forth, good profile will not easily fall, winter is not applicable, because the winter temperatures low become very brittle plastic) strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations of the state sector, 10 degrees of processing model steel window is not allowed in the following environment. Then there is the anti-counterfeiting printing, real profiles on anti-counterfeiting printing, generally don't have to call the query can discern the true and false, a 6 m long profiles will have four to six printing group First look at the code group's handwriting is clear and complete (fake profiles are using very simple after transfer printing machine manual brush up, will blur), the true profile printing group is unique, and the fake profiles (same) printing group is the same (by the relationship between the cost of equipment), also can call query check code