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The characteristics of window of model steel profile model steel profile

2014-04-23 | Attention: 1061

Door window of model steel profile model steel profile so only works for large areas of promotion, and gradually replace the wood and aluminum Windows and doors, and its unique advantages are inseparable. Window of model steel door than aluminium and wooden doors and Windows has the following features: 
1. Price: the price of plastic is far lower than the equal strength and service life of aluminum, due to metal prices have risen sharply this advantage is more obvious. 
2. The color is rich: color model steel profile applicable to construction of many beauties. Before using the wooden doors and Windows, doors and Windows and building exterior to achieve harmony, doors and Windows in more surface spray paint, paint in ultraviolet aging easy peeling, in a few years beyond recognition, and the life of the building is very not harmonious. Then invented the color aluminum doors and Windows, but the price is expensive, general consumers cannot afford. Plastic doors and Windows perfect solved the problem, the use of color film profiles can even make realistic-looking wood grain effect. 
3. Durable, in profile within the cavity to strengthen steel, greatly improved the strength of the material, and with earthquake, wind erosion resistant effect. Other profiles of multi-cavity structure, independent cavity drainage, water can't enter the reinforced steel chamber, avoid steel corrosion, the service life of the doors and Windows. The uv resistance of join also make the model steel profile, improved resistance to hou even tropical regions of the very strong ultraviolet ray can rest assured use. 
4. The heat preservation performance is good: model steel profile thermal conductivity than aluminum as the province, another multi-cavity structure design is achieved the effect of heat insulation. Studies have shown that the same type of room use window of model steel door of the room in summer indoor temperature than average low aluminum doors and Windows of the room 5-7 ℃, winter 8 to 15 ℃ higher than that of different regions.  
5. Good sound insulation performance: installation of insulating glass seal good window of model steel door with excellent sound insulation performance. Noise has become the main choice doors and Windows conditions, especially in the downtown housing. Assembly welding process of window of model steel door, and closed multi-cavity structure, clamped down on noise effect is very obvious