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High-grade insulating glass processing production

2014-04-25 | Attention: 1037
Energy conservation and environmental protection, warm in winter and cool in summer, more quiet 
Is the trend of modern architecture with large area glass wall, but a single piece of glass in daylighting, weight loss, but the advantage of gorgeous conceal its Achilles' heel of the heating, cooling, energy consumption, hollow glass is the only way to resolve this contradiction. 
The hollow glass is double layer or multilayer flat glass by window frames filled with desiccant with butyl rubber and polysulfide adhesive. 
The biggest advantage of the hollow glass is energy saving and environmental protection, modern building energy consumption is mainly air-conditioning and lighting, the former accounted for 55%, which accounted for 23%, the glass is the thinnest in exterior walls, and the most readily conduct heat materials. Hollow glass with aluminum frame of desiccant through box above the gap within the vitreous cavity air dry for a long time, so the excellent insulating performance. 
It also has high sound insulation function. In addition, in the case of indoor and outdoor temperature difference is too large, the traditional single layer will be frosted glass. Hollow glass is due to contact with the indoor air inner glass is affected by the air interlayer, even if the outer contact temperature is very low, also won't because of the difference in temperature on the glass surface frost. Hollow glass wind pressure strength of 15 times of the traditional single piece of glass. 
Section can 
Building doors and Windows using hollow glass is a kind of effective environmental protection and energy saving way. Single-layer glass Windows and doors is the biggest building cold (hot) quantity loss points, and hollow glass heat transfer coefficient is 1.63 ~ 3.1 w/m.k, is 29% ~ 56% of single-layer glass, consequently heat loss can be reduced about 70%, significantly reduce heating (cold) air conditioning load. Obviously the window area, the greater the energy saving effect of the hollow glass are more obvious. When the sun point-blank, energy-saving effect of single-layer glass and hollow glass are obviously different. When 100% of solar heat reflection by 5 mm glass through a total of 83.9% of the energy; The heat reflection glass 5 mm and 4 mm float glass is made of 18 mm hollow glass, 100% of the solar energy can only 17.8% penetration. Visible, the energy saving effect of hollow glass is very significant. Related experiments show that using high quality Windows and doors made of hollow glass, can effectively make indoor and outside temperature difference in more than 12 ℃. 
Sound insulation 
Insulating glass has good noise effect. General hollow glass can reduce noise 30 ~ 45 decibels. The principle of sound insulation is: hollow glass air in the sealed space, due to the action of the desiccant inside strip, become very low sound conductivity of dry gas, so as to form a sound barrier. If you use two different slice thickness of the raw glass insulating glass, due to acoustic wave propagation in different medium of refractive index is different, the sound waves through the hollow glass, the refraction in the critical level of the two kinds of medium, thus to reflect most of the sound, and avoids the resonance of sound, the sound insulation effect is more significant