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Sealing strip and wool top role in the window of model steel door

2014-06-23 | Attention: 3100

In the window of model steel door and broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows production and installation, one of the most cannot little accessories, sealing strip. Sealing strip on purpose divided into two categories, glass seals (strip) and wool top, glass sealing strip used for glass and sealing between fan and casing, galley is mainly used for sealing between frame and door. Sealing strip, generally applied in peace on tilt Windows that open a window, and casement Windows and push-pull window type window casement and the sealing between glass; Wool top sealing, commonly used in push-pull window sealing, dustproof effect between the fan and fan. 

Galley installation parts, generally in the window (door) on the fan, box fan ring or seal (file wind block), the bridge between frame and door seal. Wool top specification is one of the important factors affect the sliding door window and watertight performance, is also an important factor to effect the door switch. Wool top size is too large or vertical hair too high, not only the assembly difficulty, and make the doors and Windows mobile resistance increases, especially on the initial resistance and closing finally in place of resistance. Specification is too small, or vertical wool top height is not enough, easy emergence slot, make doors and Windows sealed performance is greatly reduced. Need to pass siliconizing wool top, quality qualified wool top appearance as the surface flat, bottom and vertical hair smooth, no bending, no pitting on the floor, comply with the provisions of the 0.20 MM. 

From the above points, we can see, the sealing strip in the window of model steel door and broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows have the important function of waterproof, sealing and energy saving, sound insulation, dust-proof, antifreeze, warm. It must have the very strong tensile strength, good elasticity, also need good temperature resistance and aging resistance. In order to keep the strip and profile of fastening, the cross section structure size of the strip must be compatible with window of model steel door profiles