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Model steel profile cutting technique and cutting the cause of the rupture

2014-06-27 | Attention: 3138

Model steel profile or plastic, the main chemical composition is PVC, so also called PVC profiles. Is widely used a new kind of building material, the material properties, easy processing, good versatility, due to its physical properties such as rigidity, flexibility, corrosion resistance, anti-aging performance, is usually used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal of substitution. Below to model steel profile supplier teach everyone cutting model steel profile of skills. 

1. The cutting speed 

To master and make sure good cutting speed, if the control is not good, is likely to cause aspects not neat incision damage to wait for a phenomenon. In general, we must be uniform, the cutting speed to the incision is slightly a little bit slow. Cutting speed can keep within 60-70 - m/SEC. 

2. The cutting Angle 

The best saw blade cutting Angle is 45 degrees, if there is error think no more than 0.5 degrees. If more than this degree, can cause the seven surface is not very neat, even could not install docking. 

3. After the cutting processing 

After we finish cutting model steel profile should be down, to prevent dust on incision, affect the welding effect. We must finish welding within 24 hours or protective measures. 

When you are on the production line for cutting the cracking or doing () when using cutting when the doors and Windows? The reason to roughly: 

1. The material problem. Many reasons affecting the quality of profiles, but there are common formula of inorganic filler adjust, modification agent, dosage of lubrication without too much quality is bad. Processing no adjustment to the ideal; Equipment or mould problem, etc. Material production, when the profile quality can't be settled effectively by the appropriate slow downward saws cutting speed can reduce the symptoms, and is subject to a time limit to adjustment is not too large, will not necessarily solve the problem, depends on the quality of the material. 

2. The environment temperature. General in the northern winter when using this kind of situation will be more apparent, especially in small doors and Windows processing plants, often limited by sites such as environmental temperature can not meet the requirements. 

3. The operation. Such as zigzag sharp enough greatly too forcibly, incised and so on.