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Plastic doors and Windows installation steps

2014-07-10 | Attention: 4128
The production of plastic doors and Windows installation including doors and Windows and doors and Windows to install two parts. Some Windows and doors is the product produced by the factory, only when the construction of the installation can be, such as wooden doors and Windows, steel doors and Windows, plastic Windows and doors, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, etc. But a lot of aluminium alloy door, wooden doors and Windows are made on the spot. Doors and Windows with special functions, such as fire doors, explosion-proof door, soundproofing Windows and doors, insulation doors and Windows, doors and Windows closed and observation window, etc., in the production and installation, shall be in strict accordance with the design requirements. 
Plastic doors and Windows installation step 1: doors and Windows before installation, shall be provided according to the design and the manufacturer of door window to check node figure and structure of the system. Check the varieties, specifications and open form meets the design requirements, zero, attachment, combination bar is all ready, whether have the factory certificate, etc., should be repaired if there are any does not conform to the requirements. 
Doors and Windows designed the hole size is according to the national standard, if not the national standard of doors and Windows products, the hole size should be refer to local or enterprise standards. 
Plastic doors and Windows with the second step: doors and Windows during transportation and storage, must be at the bottom of the mat 200 mmx200mm Fang Zhen (either wood or coagulation components), the distance is 500 mm, sleepers should keep level at the same time, the surface is bright and clean, reliable and should have the brace rigidity, to ensure that the doors and Windows from damage and deformation in the process of transportation and storage. In addition, in the open air, doors and Windows with tarpaulin cover, doors and Windows and in case. 
Plastic doors and Windows installation step 3: plastic doors and Windows during transportation and storage, cannot be put flat stacking, emissions should be vertical, the door or window frame between has grown two millimeters and nonmetal soft material such as glass ZhanPian, coarse MaBian fabric, foam, etc.), and fixation; Place should be more than 2 m away from direct heat. This is because the plastic doors and Windows are made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic material assembly, belongs to organic polymeric thermoplastic material, the material is brittle; Profile is a hollow cavity, although instrumentation light steel skeleton when assembled into Windows and doors, but at the end of the skeleton by riveting or welding, the whole rigidity is poorer, the intense collision and extrusion can't stand the external force; At the same time, the plastic will soften when heated. 
Plastic doors and Windows installation step 4: plastic doors and Windows when moving, lifting, transport and application soft non-metallic materials of liner and nonmetal rope tied. This is because the plastic doors and Windows surface level off is smooth, good decorative effect, such as wear or scratch the surface, because of moving, lifting, affect beautiful. 
Plastic doors and Windows installation step 5: doors and Windows fixed welding, bolts or nail can be used, but the bricks can't use nail, brick for fragile after mechanical shock. In doors and Windows are fixed, the common fixed value of the anchor is not enough, but the door directly card within the mouth of the cave, with mortar squeeze tightly even fixed, this kind of practice is very wrong. Doors and Windows installation fixed is very important, it is related to the safety problem, must want to have installed concealed work record, and check should be lever, to ensure the quality of installation. 
Plastic doors and Windows installation step 6: in the process of doors and Windows installation, there's a small amount of cement mortar or sealant liquid surface touch the doors and Windows, if not before its solidification and dry clean, after solidification drying will firmly adhere to the door surface, affecting surface smooth and beautiful. Therefore, immediately with clean cloth or cotton silk touch on the surface of the doors and Windows, cleaning mortar and sealant liquid