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Window of model steel door is a metal doors and Windows or plastic doors and Windows

2014-07-21 | Attention: 4016
Model steel window is PVC mixed resin as the main body in all with chloridize polyethylene, add certain proportional additive, via the backlog. In order to increase the rigidity of the profiles, add in plastic different profile lumen increased tensile bending effect of steel lining (reinforced), then through cutting, drilling, welding method, make window frame, call model steel window so. 
The characteristics of the model steel window: 
It not only has the characteristics of plastic products, and physics, chemical function, prevent ageing ability to rise greatly. Has the characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation, make a bedroom more comfortable, quiet, have contemporary view more. Still have additionally acid-proof, alkali resistance, anti-corrosive, dustproof, self-extinguishing to resistance, high strength and inconvenience form, tonal harmony, need not painted anticorrosive paint, wear well, and sex of its air-tightness, watertight is bigger than window of general and congener door 2-5 times 
Model steel window open means: 
Push and pull, outside, inside, inside, such as hanging on the open means new sex hanging on the push and pull. Different open kind has its characteristic each, tell commonly, push-pull window has a fa? Ade concise, beautiful, use agile, on the safe side, service life is long, daylighting rate is big, take up the space is little, convenient zone the advantage such as screen window. Outside the window is open side of big, sealing, ventilated permeability, heat preservation permeability good performance, etc. Push-pull type, and the open type. 
The choose and buy should consider the factors of model steel window: 
1, to shop around for the same design, same brand goods, from the aspects such as quality, price, service comprehensive consideration 
2, to choose profile, first to understand the model steel window chooses PVC profiles. Pvc profile should be the decisive factor of the quality and class of model steel window, good Pvc profile should be the reasonable design of multi-cavity body, wall thickness, the formula contains anti-aging, prevent ultraviolet auxiliary, viewed from the outside should be the surface bright and clean, color page. Low-standard profile is white, yellow, this kind of color is prevented bask in ability difference, use a few years after the change the yellow to aging, deformation, crack, its reason contains calcium in profile recipe is too much. So the profile of the wall thickness should be chosen is greater than 2.5 mm, inner cavity for the three cavity structure (with a closed cavity drainage, enhanced cavity) profiles, which ensures that the window using decades of inconvenience. In addition this profile is not easy to change color, not easy ageing. 
3, to observe model steel window surface had obvious scratch, groove, welding Angle for cracks, etc. 
4, it is best to choose with hollow glass model steel window, its excellent sealing, sound insulation effect. 
5, model steel window is closed, no gap between fan and casing, push-pull model steel window should slide freely, voice is soft, fall off without dust. 
6, the model steel window frame should have steel lining, glass press flat is firm and not direct contact with the material, if it is a double deck glass clamps should be no dust and water vapor, flexible switch components closely. 
7, design window type, generally in the following order: function of a, b, c, practical, beautiful ahead. 
On 8, invoices, contracts must indicate the name of the model steel window, specification, quantity, price, amount. 
9, understand the organizer and manufacturer's name, address, contact person, telephone, so that quality problems can contact timely solve.