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How to do waterproof design installation of window of model steel door

2014-07-30 | Attention: 4102

At present each big property developers commodity house owner after delivery, the most serious also the hardest to deal with the complaints of the leakage problem, including doors and Windows, walls, roof and so on. Here introduces construction waterproof processing method of window of model steel door. 
Evaluation of doors and Windows installation quality is the most important part for the inspection doors and Windows of water leakage of the performance, the door window frame and the most obvious effect on the capabilities of the watertight wall cracks. New national building energy conservation policy, requires building external wall and window must be set insulation board in order to achieve energy saving purpose. The current domestic use of external thermal insulation system is more, the window insulation layer thickness is roughly around 20 mm, due to the insulation board is not using binding mortar with sticky, it's a hollow, between the wall and so brought the doors and Windows installation and waterproof processing more difficult. 
Facing the change of window of model steel door under construction node processing to improve the waterproof effect is discussed in the process of using Windows and doors, hope to be able to make of window of model steel door in the process of using better watertight performance, provide the reference for the construction units. 
1, construction installation method 
During the installation of window of model steel door, window frame and wall body ask aperture processing generally use is butt way, its structure characteristics is "sealing area one filled with ~ sealing area", as shown in figure 1. 


Figure 1 

Most of the construction team is using a silicone sealant system, its basic function is to the wall, PVC frame, PU foaming agent triple bond formation, because of the contractile properties of colloid itself is larger and summer and winter heating, making their own aging and and contact form cracks, cause water leakage. 
Filled with using PU foaming agent even though is a kind of sealing material, but the construction surface and the hole are dust and debris, and foam construction require appropriate temperature and wet environment, which in a wide range of construction site is hard to do. Also will swell out unwanted foaming partial nephrectomy, which in turn makes the foam no smooth closed to form a honeycomb openings, there is no watertight performance. So this kind of construction method even under the precondition of the construction quality is very good also can guarantee inside short time ideal sealing effect. 
3, waterproof measures to improve 
External thermal insulation system, solve the problem of window insulation board with window frame, there are basically two options: one is construction after the entrance of the cave with a highly appropriate tongue-and-groove implement mouth after installation; Another is to use steel box attached to provide standard Windows installation location, civil engineering, heat preservation, coating construction play again after installation, the latter are more widely application. 
The author mainly based on the enclosed box process of window of model steel door waterproof measures, as shown in figure 2. 


The construction and construction method of nodes is currently used more extensive construction technology, its main is a steel box attached upper laid insulation self-adhesive waterproof coiled material and then to the mouth of the cave construction. But this flush process mentioned above, there are some hidden trouble for the waterproof, the main problem is that the lateral sealing adhesive for bonding on three sides (sealant with wall body, frame materials, foaming agent) on three sides, so its the plastic outer surface contraction tension is bigger, if frame, wall coating location in weather resistance plastic construction without clean, suffered in the process of using the natural climate change heat bilges cold shrink and reduce its sealing performance. 
To improve watertight performance of window of model steel door and wall body clearance must enhance the lateral sealing area node processing, namely the change of the lateral seal area of both sides three sides adhesive for bonding. The construction design and standard as shown in figure 3. 


Figure 3 

In the process of installation of window of model steel door, the lateral sealing area between filled areas and increasing the use of PE rod into construction, realize the outside weather resistance glue to paste on both sides. 
It mainly has the following features: 
A) foam construction can prevent the leakage, foaming usage savings; 
B) the lateral foaming expansion is close-grained, also can have the effect of water stop; 
C) ensure that weather resistance glue the minimum thickness of construction (middle section), good for scale expansion, can have a better waterproof effect and longer duration. 
PE rod construction requirements (see figure 4) as follows: 
A) weather resistance rubber construction guarantee minimum thickness and the surface of the paste length; 
B) PE rod construction form weather resistance glue paste on both sides; 
C) the dust removal must be before using rubber seal; 
D) advice posted the crepe paper and scraping gum appearance. 


Figure 4. 

PE rod construction process is as follows: 
Window frame construction external cleaning _ _ + stick into _ + PE foam injection cutting external dust removal _ _ _ cut bubble paste _ external injection glue _ crepe paper having a crepe paper glass construction. Construction model shown in figure 5: 



4, waterproof construction matters needing attention 
PE bars used in the process of installation of window of model steel door, can have very good sealing effect, at the same time also need to pay attention to the following: 
A) recommended to steel attached to the frame and waterproofing materials auxiliary construction; 
B) the lateral hole heat preservation, plaster, brick construction is absolutely can not pressure box, especially when using brick construction, the rest of the frame should be 5 mm to 10 mm gap, use waterproof mortar when handling to avoid brick construction below the hole, leading to water leakage; 
C) spell tube part joining together on the joining together of material before playing again sealant, increases with the increasing spell outfit, doors and Windows in the outside for the second time after construction sealant construction, strengthen the splice site waterproof effect; 
D) during the outside weather resistance plastic construction, proposed paste and crepe paper tool will glue compaction (spreading process), in order to make sure weather resistance rubber exterior level off, smooth, dense; 
E) weather resistance plastic construction should be in the frame, wall coating of water, mortar, sundry after all thoroughly remove as much as possible. 
5, summary 
Installation quality of window of model steel door, and civil engineering, thermal insulation, paint and other construction units have a close relationship, doors and Windows construction process, passes through several parties of alternate construction for many times, so you need to work closely, ensure the installation smoothly. 
Waterproof node processing quality directly affect the quality Windows and doors, can also affect the real estate, the doors and Windows/construction enterprise reputation and development, doors and Windows before construction must be according to the actual situation design the most appropriate construction node, and in front of the large area construction is best can have more than 4 hours to make construction model and drench water test, to the principle of "boilerplate guides" to determine the installation node. In front of the whole project completion for exterior walls and doors and Windows should be comprehensive to drench water test, decrease the rate of leakage of window of model steel door, to avoid complaints after delivery owner, real dedication excellent project.